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Deadman's Fashion

Dead Man’s Fashion 

Reconsiders our use of single use plastics & their value after their intended life.


Dead Man's Art Collection Bubble Hoodie

Dead Man’s Fashion focuses on our present use of disposable single-use materials, and speculates on how it could live another life beyond its intended one.


Fashion Floor Scrap Backpack

This collection is made from up-cycled plastics or fashion industry scraps. The plastics either come from my personal consumption or the packing materials from a donated collection of art works from a deceased collector.


Yellow Moving Bed Cover Trench Coat 

I began to realized how short a life-span these materials live and the excellent condition they are in after their original use.

Transforming these materials into everyday wearables comments on and questions our current collective acceptance of fast-fashion and plastics as single-use consumable products. Especially how environmentally damaging this thought processes is.


Consumption Everywhere

Styled in a newly opened grocery store in Jingdezhen, China, the overwhelming amount of items and dazzling bright colored packaging was a perfect backdrop to the lure of fast consumption.


Photographed by: Ji Xiao Tong

Models: Lindsey Tomko & Monica Ruma

Location: Hao Nice Supermarket, Jindezhen, China