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Wobble Service

Wobble Service

A ceramic service simply asking you to slow down.

This contemporary set is influenced by the desire to focus the user’s experience on the simple act of slowing dow.

Our lives are filled with an over consumption of take-away cups, and forgotten is the simplicity of truly enjoying a beverage.


 Drawings & Palette

The creamy pastel colors were influenced by the trending Nordic taste.

The palette is specifically formulated to be achievable in industry, making it easily scalable for a larger production.


Customer Persona

This is service is geared towards a customer that values their time as well as an interest in owning a unique object that adds function and style to their home.

Built not only to look beautiful, but to function for any occasion whether that be serving coffee and tea, or mixed drinks.


Proceed with Caution

The cup and pitcher have been designed with a pointed foot to inhibit stable rest, amplifying the user’s need to be aware of their actions while in use. Ultimately causing a need to proceed with caution.


Mindful Action

Wobble Service directs a mindfulness to actions and invites user’s to invest time into an unusual drinking experience by ultimately forcing a heightened self-awareness of the present moment.



This service was created with a stained slip-casted porcelain.

Some cup bases are cast concrete to add visual material variation & texture


Photographed in collaboration with Sophie Dannin